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We hope you love this blog post and that it helps you with your marketing.

If you need social media marketing custom tailored for your business needs, we do that too, hire us.

We hope you find our blog useful and that it helps you with your marketing.

If you need social media marketing custom tailored for your business, we do that too, hire us.

How To Shoot A Video On Your Own

how to shoot a video on your own

We’re going to show you how easy it is to shoot a video on your own! It’s really quite simple with a little bit of preparation! 

So let’s get started.

1. Lights and a Microphone

We highly recommend using lights and a microphone to give you the best video and sound during your video shoot.

If you don’t have lights, consider using natural sunlight, which means capturing video in a bright, sunny room. Depending on the time of the year, this can limit how long you have to shoot your video. 

Grab an affordable lapel mic that clicks right into your smartphone to capture better sound. 

Using just the camera or smartphone microphone will allow background noise and ambient sound that you don’t want to hear in your video.

You can grab a list of gear we use on our video shoots!

2. Tripod

You’ll also need a tripod for your camera so you can lock down your shot. Whether you use a tripod that sits on your desk or the floor, make sure your eyes and the lens of the camera are level. 

You don’t want to be looking up or down at the camera.

If you’re capturing video with a smartphone, make sure to use the camera on the back of your phone. The selfie camera does not have the same resolution as the camera on the other side. 

You can set up your shot using the selfie side first as you prepare your background and place yourself front and center in the scene. Just don’t forget to turn it around when it’s time to record your first shot.

Pro tip: 

Grab a mirror and place it beside your phone screen so you can see yourself when using the camera on the back of your phone. 

When recording, remember to look at the camera and not the mirror!

3. Script

Always create a script or outline for your video so you can stay focused and keep your audience engaged. Place your script within reach of your spot or you can set up a teleprompter, and add that screen to another tripod right below or above your camera. 

4. Record a Test Shot

Test shot time! 

Make sure your microphone is live and your camera is set to record the recommended 1080p setting. Then hit the record button and sit back down in your spot. 

Deliver a few lines of your script, giving it the personality that is uniquely you! 

After a few lines, stop recording and review the test shot. Is your background exactly as you want it? Are you centered? Is the microphone working and are you loud enough?

If not, make your adjustments and do one more test shot before recording your whole script. 

5. Record Your Video!

Once all is working properly, hit record and deliver your script! 

Remember if you mess up you can pause and start again. If you feel your energy needs a reboot, do something to get yourself psyched to be on camera by taking a short walk or grabbing a sip of water or coffee. Then begin again with your renewed energy.

It’s best to record your video in chronological order especially if you have a number of tips or steps to deliver in a specific order. 

Your editor will thank you. 😉

If you talk about specific items in your script that you need to capture, create a shot list. Maybe you want a cutaway shot of you at your computer or working on something on a table. 

Think about capturing a wide shot, medium shot, and close-up in each scene that you need to add. These shots are broll that your editor can use to cover portions of your video. 

Editors love to have more video than they need. 

The Takeaway

As you do more and more videos, this process gets easier. It’s always best to record when you are feeling inspired and full of energy to share your knowledge. 

We also recommend recording at least two videos in one session. As you can see, it takes time to set up so why not record more than one video!?

The advice in this blog post will help you get started with recording videos. If you need a little more guidance, we’ve got your back!

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Picture of We hope you love this blog post and that it helps you with your marketing.

We hope you love this blog post and that it helps you with your marketing.

If you need social media marketing custom tailored for your business needs, we do that too, hire us.