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We hope you find our blog useful and that it helps you with your marketing.

If you need social media marketing custom tailored for your business, we do that too, hire us.

REPLAY – Unlock Your Inner Communication Superstar: 3 Strategies To Effective Public Speaking That Will Skyrocket Your Success

REPLAY - Unlock Your Inner Communication Superstar: 3 Strategies To Effective Public Speaking That Will Skyrocket Your Success

Tap into limitless potential with the Social Media Success for Professionals podcast on mastering the art of lead generation on social media! Learn to capture attention and develop client relationships with proven and practical strategies. Plus, Heather will help you grow your brand voice and drive sales with creative content ideas. Listen now for free as we unlock a world full of possibilities!

While speaking can be intimidating, it can also be a powerful marketing tool for entrepreneurs and professionals in any field. Listen in as Kimberly Crowe explains how speaking can help you connect with your audience on a new level, how to get started and what to do about those nerves. 

A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Kimberly Crowe is a TEDx Speaker, best-selling author, and master of the stage who travels the world teaching entrepreneurs to use their voices to increase revenue and create a loyal, raving fan base. She is also the host of Speakers Playhouse, a weekly 90-minute online game show that connects speakers with stages and stages with guests, and the creator of the Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel community.

Social Media Success for Professionals Talking Points

[02:17] Get to know Kimberly Crowe

  • Kimberly aims to make public speaking fun and accessible for entrepreneurs and coaches. 
  • She enables business owners and thought leaders to share what they love to do with their target audience. 
  • Kimberly believes that if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing

[03:20] Using your voice to market your business

  • Speaking on a stage allows you to forge a much deeper connection with your target audience than printed words and pictures on a page or screen ever could 
  • Getting on stages so your audience can hear your voice helps them grow to trust you.

[05:13] Where in the world is Kimberly Crowe?

  • Becoming a full-time speaker has allowed Kimberly to travel full-time 
  • Kimberly has shared her expertise about speaking and entrepreneurship all across the country and all over the world

[06:48] How to get started as a speaker

  • Podcasts are more conversational and less intimidating for beginners than formal speaking presentations. 
  • Kimberly’s Speakers Playhouse platform helps connect podcast hosts looking for guests with speakers looking for a platform—in a game show format!
  • Getting in front of other people’s audiences is one of the most powerful ways to expand your reach.

[09:43] Showing up as your most awesome self

  • Spread your goodness, and the world will show up 
  • Even some of the world’s most accomplished speakers and performers still get nervous before going on stage. 
  • With a mindset shift, you can turn your nerves into excitement

[12:59] The four stages you need to get on

  • Television, radio, podcasts, YouTube, and Facebook Live, are all different mediums for speaking. 
  • The different types of stages focus on your purpose for speaking and include speak-to-sell, paid speaking opportunities, authority stages, and rehearsal stages.
  • Your best talk is your next talk.

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Connect with Kimberly Crowe:

Website: entrepreneursrocketfuel.com/
Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Facebook:www.facebook.com/groups/307283053208119
Speakers Playhouse Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/3936867803076694

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If you’d like to read the entire episode, here is the transcript:
Welcome to the Social Media Success for Professionals podcast. Hi, I’m Heather Holloway, founder of Hollywood Media Services, former television and radio producer and social media expert. I’ve multiplied my sales using organic social media, and this show is a way for me to share my experiences and guide you on what it takes to grow your business using social media marketing to I’ll cover everything you need to know to leverage social platforms to build your business, practice, or firm and have a steady flow of clients, patients and customers waiting to work with you. I’m diving deep into the marketing vault to bring you the best social media secrets to engage high-paying clients, build trust, and establish yourself as an industry leader. So tune in, take notes and get ready to experience social media success.

Well, how are you, everybody? We are back on another episode of social media success for professionals. And joining me is one of my best buds. Kimberly Crowe, oh my gosh, thank you so much for coming on our podcast. You guys get your pens out, get your notebooks, whatever you need to do, you need to take all of the notes because right now, we are going to give you another marketing strategy to get out there and get seen and get paid. So Kimberly, could you please tell my folks who you is and what you do?

Absolutely. So my name is Kimberly Crowe and I’m a big fan of Heather Holloway. We uh, we put on stages, and Heather is one of the most amazing people to work with. So thank you so much. I’m super, super honored to be with you on your show and in front of your audience. We’re gonna have a lot of fun together in 2023. We had a lot of fun together in 2022. But 2023 We’re going to blow it out of the water half an hour. So my mission is really to make speaking on stages just super fun and super accessible to entrepreneurs and coaches so they can share what they love to do with their ideal audiences. So if your audience is coaches and entrepreneurs together and I want you to make the contribution to the world you’re here to make before you leave the planet. So my secret sauce is the way that I do that is with entertainment and fun. So I have shows like speakers Playhouse and PATA palooza. Because I believe if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.

That’s right. It’s not worth doing. I feel like screaming from the mountaintops. Yeah. So I attended one of the speakers Playhouse live. And I have to tell you that it was phenomenal transformational informational, and spirit, all the internals, all the holes. Yeah, it was all of those things and more, and it just lit me up. Because here we are on a stage right. We’re speaking right now, in a podcast, this is a stage. And yet you blew my mind on how many opportunities we have as coaches, consultants, lawyers, doctors, professional service providers. Yes, we can use our voice better than we can use a Facebook ad to market our business. Is that right?

Oh, absolutely. Because Facebook ads, first of all, you’re paying for an opportunity to get your words in print in front of somebody and maybe a pretty picture or something like that. But there’s no guarantee that they actually connect with that there’s no guarantee that they move forward as a client. Oftentimes on stages, if you’re speaking on somebody else’s stage, you might pay a small premium $100 $500, sometimes $1,000 to speak on the stage, but you’re making impressions that are much greater than just a couple of print words in a picture on a page. They’re getting to know Heather, they’re getting to know you, they’re getting to know your personality, your style, your energy, they can feel that and whether it is just on a podcast and you’re just getting audio, or if it’s on a video podcast, or a summit or an in-person stage, they get all of the dynamics of your personality, right, they get to see all of your nonverbal language, they get to see your smile, they get to really connect with you. And there’s no guarantee that if they connect with the words, they’re going to connect with you as a coach. If you’re if you’re just doing Facebook ads, but when you’re speaking, they get to know like and trust you right that’s who you’re building your your people are going to be magnetically attracted to you.

So yes, I believe the very cheapest, fastest, easiest and most fun way to build awareness of you and your brand is by getting on stages. So I’m an international inspirational public speaker. I’m a serial entrepreneur, I’ve spoken on over 5000 stages. But speaking has been a way for me to grow my passion, grow my know, like and trust and build a base of loyal raving fans that love to come to my stuff.

And it’s true loyal raving fans and also a frickin cool life. Like, where in the world is Kimberly Crow, right? Like, like you This is it full-time speaking, right?

I do. I’m a I do this full time I have all kinds of different fingers and all kinds of different pies as they say, I’ve got a lot of different things that I’m working on, but they’re all related in some way to speaking in entrepreneurship and fun. And the what Heather’s alluding to is that I actually travel full time. So you’re right, I don’t I don’t have a single I actually don’t have a house of my own. I used to in 2020 I left my house August 20 of 2020. I left my house that I had been in for 20 years. We got rid of the house, all the furniture, all the everything. My son was going off to college, he was my youngest. And I was like alright, we’re going to try out. I’m going to travel full time. So I bounced between Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where my daughter is and San Diego, California where my son is on bicoastal. Right. And then I have my mom in 1000 oaks. And then I travel all over. So I’ve been to France and Spain and Hungary and Vienna. I’ve been to Costa Rica, several places in Mexico, and I love being able to travel full time.

Ah, and I’ll tell you, I’m sure that that just helps fuel the fire of your passion and speaking and what it is, I mean, you’re still free, you’re free to roam about the world, man. It’s so cool. So, okay, we may not want to travel full-time. But I know we do want to build our businesses. So you know what, if we’re if we’re going to break out into speaking, you know, what would be a great start for us? Are we starting at the like community level? Are we going to chamber events? Like what do you think would be a good strategy start out? If we haven’t before? Maybe we’re scared to do it?

Yeah, great question. So I actually recommend podcasts, podcasts are a great way to start out because you’re not actually delivering a presentation, you’re having an interview a conversation with another amazing human like Heather right, so I highly recommend getting on podcasts. And some people are like, Well, how do I reach out to podcasters? And how do I break through to get on their some of their events, and that it can feel intimidating, like well, here they are this big podcasting star, how do I get in front of them. But it turns out that the grand majority of podcasters, who have guests on their audience are continuously looking for new guests. And they’re, they’re struggling to find them. So we actually built a community called speakers play house where the podcasters, and the show hosts can come and just announce to our audience, you know, this is my stage, this is my audience. And these are the types of guests I’m looking for. And then they share their contact information. And then all the speakers can come and say, This is my top title. And this is who I’m looking to speak to. And this is my contact information. And they all get on the mic. Now that sounds like a boring like dry networking session. But it is no application and goof ballery, it moves a billion miles an hour, and we give away points and the points don’t matter or they matter a whole lot depending on who you are. And it’s just super fun. Because I believe if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.

That’s right. That’s right. And it is a fantastic place to start speakers Playhouse happens every Thursday. Give me a speaker’s playhouse.com Look over our shoulder. I mean, you get right there. And it’s free to join.

Yeah, yeah. And yeah, we would love In fact, I’ll put I’ll give you the link so that you can share it with your community. And then we can know that they came from your community. But it’s a super easy, fun way to be able to come and play with us in a bigger way and find stages, because if you want to get seen and heard in a bigger way, getting out in front of other people’s audiences, OPA, if you can get in front of other people’s audience, it’s very powerful.

I mean, think of this as an example of it right? I have come to speak to my friend, Heather, and when I speak to her, she is talking about me to people who already know, love and trust Heather. So when I come in, they’re like, oh, Heather’s brought this guest I wonder who Kimberly is and what she’s about, right? So I get this third-party credibility by coming in on your show speaking to your people, and it gives me a real advantage as opposed to just going out there and sort of speaking to the world. So that’s where I’d recommend you get a nice warm welcome. You get an easy start. And you don’t have to have a prepared talk.

Right? Yeah, you just come up and show up as your most awesome self. So I might have to do a little little, you know, like, mindset work. You know, if you’re not comfortable, do a little mindset know that you are, you are our obvious choice. Just get out there and tell us, love thyself. Get out there. You know, spread your goodness, and the world will show up. I know that once I started podcasting, like people, opportunities just coming out of the woodwork and that it gave me confidence, you know, maybe look maybe looking at me like, Oh, she can handle the stage. But I’m gonna tell you what, during the live event that I attended my heart, I thought everybody could see it because I thought it was going to come out my chest. But you guys, you and Ginny, just made it so comfortable to be there. So thank you. So if you’re, you know, I’m sorry, if you’re looking for that stage. These are the folks to get in front of Go ahead. Sorry.

No, I was just gonna say that feeling is very, very, very normal. Like if you talk to Sally Field or Michael Caine, they will tell you they still get nervous when coming on stages, right? Like everybody that gets on a stage has some level of that that butterfly fluttery feeling but I have a tip for your audience. If you’d like me to get on one.

Please do. I’m on the edge of my seat.

Okay, so here’s the thing. Many people can just tell you like, get over, it can really write like, and you’re busy, like my stomach is doing flip flops, I’m my breathing is changing, my heart is pounding, my throat is closing out, my ears are ringing, my head is spinning. And those are real feelings that are going on in my real body. So don’t tell me just to get over it, right. But here’s a mindset shift that Heather was talking about. And yeah, so mindset work needs to be done. But this one is simpler than most. So those feelings are real. And you can just breathe into it and be like, I accept that my body is doing all these things, and I’m feeling the feels. But those feelings, interestingly, are the exact same feelings as when you’re excited. So when you say I’m nervous to get on stage, instead of telling yourself I’m so nervous to get on stage, you can say I’m so excited to get on stage, I think when you get on a roller coaster, you’re feeling those same feels your stomach is doing flip flops or butterflies, your heart is pounding out of your chest, your throat might be closing up, your ears are ringing, your head is spinning, all the same feels, but you’re excited rather than nervous. And your brain actually doesn’t know the difference between the two. So the next time you’re about to get on a podcast and you’re, you know, taking a deep breath beforehand, you can just say I’m excited to get on this stage. And your body will process that your mind will process the butt feelings in your body as excitement rather than nerves and you’ll perform a lot better. So when you see me on stage, whenever we come out on stage, oftentimes I’ll be like, I’m super excited. I’m here with Heather Holloway blah, blah, blah, right? That’s how I tell myself that I’m excited not nervous.

Oh, dang! Tip from a top pro TEDx or world traveler. My friend, Kimberly Crowe, thank you so much. You’ve given us an entrance strategy to get into speaking start with podcasting and move on up the ladder. By the way, Kimberly also has another talk that that tells you the four stages, right? Can you talk about that the four stages we should be on? Just quickly?

Yeah, super simple. There’s a lot of people are like, Oh, should I get on podcasts or radio shows, those are all medium that you can get on and it’s great. You know, you could be on TV, you could be on a Facebook Live, lot of opportunities there. But really, there’s four kinds of stages that we should get on. I call them the four types of stages. One is a speak-to-sell stage where you’re leading them on the next natural step to buy your program, product or service and it may be buy it right now or just learn a little bit more about me come to my website, meet me in the back of the room, check out my freebie. The second type of stage is the one that is like the brass ring. Every speaker wants it. They want to get paid to speak right so paid speaking opportunities is stage number 2. Paid speaking opportunities is when you get paid for putting your high heel or loafer on that stage, grabbing the mic and sharing your genius with the audience. And that can be a very lucrative stream as well. The third stage is actually an authority stage. It gives you authority by being on it. For example, the most common one that people think of is the TEDx stage. If you have a TEDx, you are like an international best-selling author, right? You have like you have this status. So it gives you status, authority credibility, because somebody has checked to verify that you have the credentials necessary to be able to speak on that topic and get on that stage. And then the fourth stage might surprise you. It’s a rehearsal stage. Rehearsal stages or practice stages or coaching stages where you’re going to get feedback are very powerful stages and every one of your audience should try to get on practice stages as much as possible. I’ll tell I told Heather, I’ve been on over 5000 stages. My best talk is my next talk because I can always get better.

Yeah, someone got a mic, drop it right there. So there you go. Kimberly Crowe TEDx are international best-selling author. The ttitles go on the world traveler. Fantastic support, a fantastic supporter of your message. So whoever is listening there, I just want to say Kimberly, you and Ginny and the environment that you guys created. It is so supportive. And if you’re looking to become a speaker, I mean, honestly, honestly, there’s no better place to start than speaker’s Playhouse. So, Kimberly, beyond speakers playhouse.com Where else can we find you?

Oh, great question. So Speakers Playhouse is a great place to start. You’ll learn about podcasts, but also web summits TV, I have a TV show that we’re putting together to get your content out on a live stream and on demand TV, lots of opportunities there. Entrepreneursrocketfuel.com is a great place to check out who I’m about. That’s the company speakers Playhouse is the show but my company is entrepreneursrocketfuel.com

Fantastic. Kimberly, thank you so much for your expertise, for your health, for your tips and for being a guiding light here in this world. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much sister.

Right back at you.

I’m Heather Holloway and you’ve been listening to Social Media Success for Professionals. Thank you so much for being here. It means the world to me and my team. Hey, remember, check the show notes for resources and links to other episodes. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe and follow button to be notified when new episodes are released.

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We hope you love this blog post and that it helps you with your marketing.

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