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We hope you love this blog post and that it helps you with your marketing.

If you need social media marketing custom tailored for your business needs, we do that too, hire us.

We hope you find our blog useful and that it helps you with your marketing.

If you need social media marketing custom tailored for your business, we do that too, hire us.

5 Marketing Tips To Increase Your Organic Reach

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For over 20 years I’ve been helping companies grow organically by using content marketing. I’m going to give you some of the best advice on how you can increase your organic reach.

Marketing Tip #1

Cross-pollinate your accounts. 

In other words, tell your Instagram followers to go follow you on Facebook and your LinkedIn followers to join you on Twitter. It’s using the attention of one social platform to promote on another social media platform. Think of it like planting seeds in your digital garden.

We wrote a post for our client that entices Facebook followers to watch their new video on YouTube where they solved an issue and provide value. Share relevant content consistently, we do this every Wednesday for instance, and you’ll see an increase in your Subscribers.

So far, they have gained 94 subscribers and tripled their average view duration.


Marketing Tip #2

Reshare your top-performing posts. 

Content doesn’t necessarily have an expiration date. You can share top-performing posts over and over again. Review your posts every month to see what hits and keep a log. Edit your copy a little bit each time to keep it fresh, but 90% of the work has been done. You’ve given yourself back some time and you know it’s going to give your accounts an engagement boost. Win-win-win.

When creating content try and make it as evergreen as possible. Don’t date yourself so that you can easily recycle it in the future.

Marketing Tip #3

Optimize your profiles and posts. 

Your social media profiles are very influential in search results and SEO. While social shares may or may not affect your web page’s position, your social profiles definitely affect the content of your search results. 

I tested this theory out and Googled one of my favorite brands Doc Martins. Out of the 7 results shown on the first page, their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles counted for almost half of the listings.


I don’t know about you but if a social media account appears at the top of a search result, I’m just as likely to click on it then go straight to the company’s website.

So, your profiles matter to Google and more importantly to the people who are looking for your product or service online.

It pays off to have up-to-date content that creates engaging conversations between you and your audience. When posting on social media make sure all of your profiles have an easy-to-remember username, the same recognizable photo or brand logo, and bios. When posting use keyword-rich copy for your descriptions but make sure you still sound human and add trackable links back to your website wherever it makes sense.

Marketing Tip #4

Post the right type of content. 


Certain types of content can give you a huge boost in organic reach. Sprout Social reports that video is the most valuable content format for achieving social goals.

Of course, video shouldn’t be your only type of content to produce. Experiment with images, quote graphics, audiograms, video memes, live videos, and short animated videos.

Watch your insights, track what works best and then create more of the same high-performing content.

Marketing Tip #5

Interact with and engage your followers. 

Stop the one-sided version of outdated marketing and be the company to stand out by interacting with your audience!

If they comment, you respond. When they share your post, leave a message of thanks. If they DM you, respond as fast as you can. It is social media after all.

Do this often and consistently and you’ll build a great reputation that will spread.

The takeaway…

The internet is a big, noisy place. It’s easy to feel like you have to spend a ton on advertising to increase your reach and get people to see your posts. But, as I’ve shown, there are still opportunities for organic growth out there. 

We hope our 5 marketing tips help increase your organic reach. Let us know if they do. And if you’re stuck, book a 30-minute discovery call.

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Picture of We hope you love this blog post and that it helps you with your marketing.

We hope you love this blog post and that it helps you with your marketing.

If you need social media marketing custom tailored for your business needs, we do that too, hire us.